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Artist Watercolor 15ML Tubes

AED20.00AED32.00 Inc VAT
Artists' Watercolors are characterized by their rich, free-flowing color, which never leaves any hard lines at the edge of a wash. Their unparalleled performance is a product of precise formulations, based on the suspension of the very finest quality pigments in an aqueous solution of gum Arabic. Only the best pigments, regardless of cost, are used in the manufacture of Artists’ Watercolors.


AED14.00AED22.00 Inc VAT
Cryla Artists Heavy Body Acrylic artists quality colours are characterised by their thick buttery consistency, their uniform eggshell finish across all the colours in the range and their minimal colour shift from wet to dry in the development of Cryla. Daler-Rowney took the industry standards ASTM D5098 set by the American Society for Testing and Materials as their yardstick - and improved on them at every stage of manufacture. The colours are made by dispersing the finest high loading pigments in a 100% acrylic co-polymer emulsion and will not yellow with age and offer a high degree of permanence and lightfastness. These colours can be thinned with water, but when dry the resin particles coalesce to form a tough flexible film which is impervious to water. Because the colours are water based they can safely be used by those sensitive to the powerful solvents used in oil painting.


AED57.00 AED32.00 Inc VAT
Painting is enjoyed by children of all ages Washable Watercolor art is creative.Daler Rowney Water Color helps you create beautiful works of art. This pigment paint collection is comprised of a wide spectrum of vivid colors which are all water soluble. The set is for any student, teacher or adult who wants to experiment with different watercolors and is looking for a great value.