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Folkart Cracke Medium 2Oz.

AED10.00 Inc VAT
  • Use with any FolkArt Acrylic Paint
  • Do not use in humid conditions
  • Clean while wet with soap and cool water
  • Use on most surfaces

Flokart Outdoor Matte Selaers 8Oz.

AED42.00 Inc VAT
Add maximum durability to your painted outdoor projects with the Matte FolkArt Finishes Outdoor Sealer. This formula is water-based, non-toxic and dries clear for a soft, subtle finish. Your outdoor space will look fresh throughout every season with this premium outdoor sealer.

Flokart Outdoor Satin Selaers 8Oz.

AED46.00 Inc VAT
The Satin FolkArt Finishes Outdoor Sealer will provide you with a durable, quality finish for all your outdoor designs. This sealer is non-yellowing, water-based, and non-toxic. The superior satin finish adds a strong, long-lasting protective layer that will keep your pieces looking fresh year after year.