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Marabu Money Box Set Money Bear

AED70.00 Inc VAT
Money box for your little one. Color it with the pens included in the box and make it look even more stunning. Ensuring the surface is dust and grease free will be beneficial so the paint can adhere well.

Marabu Money Box Set Money Duck

AED70.00 Inc VAT
Contains a piece of porcelain to decorate and two markers for porcelain

Marabu Egg cup set MORNING FRIENDS

AED51.00 Inc VAT
  • Marabu Set 4 Porcelain Egg Cups With 2 Markers
  • IDEAL - Easy to use porcelain marker pens that are great for little hands
  • GREAT - Kids can design their own dishes and mugs
  • INCLUDES - 2 x Marabu Kids Porcelain and Glas Painter 1-3 mm Markers (Cherry Red 031, Light Blue 090), 4 x Plain White Egg Cups

Mara 3D Puzzle Praying Mantis

AED27.00 Inc VAT
  • Puzzle for creative design and collecting
  • Simple design with plug-in technology
  • Ideal to design with the Marabu KiDS craft paint
  • Puzzle pieces made of FSC-certified wood
  • Puzzle from 3 years

Mara Finger paint assortment of 4

AED48.00 Inc VAT
  • Water-based
  • Miscible with each other
  • Washable from 30 degrees
  • Includes: 4 pieces of 100 ml
  • For surfaces such as paper, cardboard, glass, wood or foil
  • Can be applied with fingers, hands, brush, sponge or spatula