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Holbein Artists Oil Colors Foundation (110ml)

AED56.00 Inc VAT
Foundation colors are used as an underpaint, forming a barrier between the oil painting and the primed surface. You can even build-up your paint surface for a textured look. All colors are quick drying.

Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors White (50ml)

AED24.00AED30.00 Inc VAT
Holbein oil color is a world-class Artist Oil Color range that utilizes the purest of available pigments and is manufactured to the highest standards of quality control in the industry.

Holbein POP Oil Colors (160ml)

AED48.00 Inc VAT
Selecting the most important colors from all oil colors, we have made large sizes of tubes (80ml and 160ml) for each color. It is convenient for those who draw a spectacular picture or many pictures. It is also economical if shared by all students in a classroom.